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Well, we are home from probably one of the greatest tours this band has ever done. WE have much to say about the tour but first, let me give a HUUUUUUGE thank you to all the people who have called us yesterday and today to show us love and respect in light of um...recent events that have occurred with our band. It means so much to know that literally hundreds of people have called us to show their support for our dilemma. I want to clarify things because I noticed some misinformation has developed. Milwaukee and Chicago have AMAZING scenes and what happened does not CHANGE that fact at all. Chicago is a close knit group of people that look after each other and we respect their unity. Milwaukee has always been one of the better scenes we are privileged to play on tours too. We very much would like someday to come back to both and we hope kids realize that there are alot of great promoters and people out there who work their asses off in those places to make sure venues stay open. For example, People like Andy Parmann or Shane Merrill who are our friends understand about putting on good hardcore shows. We never in a million years would ever dream of disrespecting any venue or trying to ruin places for people to play. things have been worked out and we want to ask everyone to go and support your scenes in these areas (BECAUSE WE DO). Unfortunately, the down side to everything that happened is that we are left in a position right now where financially we could use some help to replace some damaged equipment and pay for a hospital bill. IF YOU would like to help us in this fashion, please go the contact page on our site and send money (cash, check, money order, whatever) to either address listed. We also have a paypal account and you can make any payments to the account under calliope53@hotmail.com thank you very much Crystal and Andy from Milwaukee for already being super generous and helping us immediately in this fashion. We will not forget this and to everyone who has shown their kindness today....it has been overwhelming. Everyone is doing way better and we will be back out on tour, no matter what, next week. Please come show us love and bro-down with us if you are in the areas we are playing. One final note about everything, we are truly sorry to the indiannapolis kids that may have wanted to see us play yesterday and we promise a return visit that will appease your appetites for our awesome metal riffing!!! hahaha. Anyways, the tour we just did has been amazing. Circle takes the Square truly are a phenomenal band and we finally got to know them as people. I can say this without being a sycophant that they really are as exceptional as human beings as their music would suggest. WE love you guys so much and hope we can tour with you in the future. We wish you a safe return home and seriously, every night was magical. You guys will always have us as friends. I must also say thank you to all the kids that came out every night, brought us food, and helped us with places to stay. the chicago show was one of our all-time favorite shows ever....that was just awe-inspiring. tower of rome ruled at that show and kids should pick their cd up off he who corrupts records right NOW!!! Also, thank you promoters (especially reagan, Courtney, and Ryan B.), Nate POW, MOE, #12LLU, Flesh and Blood Robot, and Lyndsay Lumberjack. You all make us feel incredible with your friendship and undying devotion to our band. What is next for us? a tour with label-mates Paria, followed by an amazing summer routing that will be discussed very soon. We have one week to try and get back on our feet, please help us make this a reality!
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