Mary Mary quite contrary (sharkbait_ohaha) wrote in fassw,
Mary Mary quite contrary

I just spoke to Derek, the guitarist of From A Second Story Window. He was very upset that any of this had to happen, as is the rest of his fellow bandmates.
What he really wanted to get out there was how sorry he was. Not sorry about what happened the night before, because all of that was settled. But sorry that fighting had to occur and that a show was cancelled, as will some more because these guys decided that this was the only way to settle it.
TO CLARIFY IT FOR ALL OF YOU: The tile that was kicked in was paid for. They gave $80 to the owner of the venue to pay for whatever the damage might be. So obviously that shouldn't have been a problem.
About the disrespect towards Once for All: Once for all was playing for a fairly long time. Derek said in NO WAY were they mocking them or making fun of them. He said he enjoyed the set a lot. He also said, that he thought they were finished at one point in time, so they turned on their equipment for sound check. When they realized they weren't finished, they all quickly turned off whatever they had on, and let the band finish their set.
Blood In/Blood Out and Once for All left From A Second Story Window, approximately $4000 in damage. I advised him to get the police involved, but he said that he wanted nothing more than for this to be done and over with.
If you would like to donate money, there is a paypal account set up, and if you have any other questions or concerns, you can take them straight to me, and I will be happy to answer them

.. why trusta shark

Derek wanted to make it clear how grateful he is for those that seem willing to help and stand up for them. He also wanted to make it clear that this is over. They said sorry. For those of you that want to carry this on, leave them out of it. They have enough to deal with right now instead of a petty fight that left them with over $4000 in damage.

Nobody deserves to be treated like this. If you want to call them a bunch of pussies for apologizing, then fine. They know in their hearts that they're right in this situation, and that they are the better people.
They just want this to be over, and they need your help.

If Blood In/Blood Out would be as so kind as to donate some money to the damages, that would be really awesome, it would probably make you a bit more popular than you are right now.


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