inspiration (khr) wrote in fassw,

Milwaukee's Chaos Fest 2005 came to an abrupt halt last night as a member of From A Second Story Window was attacked shortly into the band's set. The brawl apparently started when a member of Indiana hardcore band Blood In/Blood Out attacked FASSW's singer. One of our associates was at the show and provided us with the following information:

"The dispute was over a small problem that occurred the night before in Chicago where the singer for FASSW was crowd surfing and accidentally knocked out a false ceiling tile in the venue. The member of BIBO that did the attacking was seeking revenge on the FASSW member because he 'caused damage to the last venue in Chicago that does DIY shows.' FASSW's guitar player and cameraman, among others, were severely harmed. FASSW suffered severe equipment damage, their bassist's bass was snapped in half, their triple rectifiers were knocked flat to the ground, and their drums were smashed when a small riot broke out following the initial attack. There is no news yet as to whether or not FASSW will be cancelling any dates because of the incident, although it is likely considering their guitar player was hurt badly and they will have to replace their equipment."
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